We are positively surprised confirmed registration of such a large number of team from all over the world. We are dealing with this probably the first time in WFTF&WFTC history.

We want to give the opportunity to participate in the championships also individual shooters. For this reason, we decide to increase the number of participants to 375. For the competition itself, we will adopt the Portuguese system.

We will create two groups with working names: "PCP" (3pers.) and "Springers" (2pers.):
1-st day of shooting: a.m. - PCP, p.m. - Springers (schedule: 9-14 shooting, 1h technical break; 15-18 shooting)
2-nd day of shooting: a.m. - Springers, p.m. - PCP (schedule: 9-12 shooting,1h technical break; 13-18 shooting)
3-rd day of shooting: a.m.- PCP, p.m. - Springers (schedule: 8-13 shooting, 1h technical break; 14-17 shooting)

No worries - all team members will compete with each other in the same session. Of course we know that we will have more PCP shooters than Springer. This means that some individual PCP shooters will shoot in "Spriner" group. We also know that some people who pay will not come. Therefore, before the start of the competition we will try to transfer as many individual PCP shooters from "Springer" group to the PCP group.

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We are very happy to announce that the Team Registration is already open! Click here.

Please visit us regularly to check out all the news on our website.


The Villa Verde Hotel offers a 5% discount on room price for WFTC 2018 participants. When will you book rooms in hotel, use the password: "WFTC 2018 Poland".

Please visit us regularly to check out all the news on our website.

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